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Ep65 - Ben Wiseman on his Recent AYC Cod Classic Win at Wyangala Dam

Ep65 - Ben Wiseman on his Recent AYC Cod Classic Win at Wyangala Dam

August 3, 2022

Ben Wiseman took out his first AYC Competition win this year at Wyangala Dam. I wanted to get Ben on for a chat because his story to wining this year’s comp is very cool. The Social Fishing Team fished Wyangala Dam a week before the competition this year and we shared heaps of information inside our membership platform.

Ben took that knowledge on board and applied it to his fishing the following weekend, which helped his and his mate take out the win. Here is a message I received from Ben a few days after the competition:

“G’day Rhys, I just wanted to get in contact and let you know how your recent trip report on Wyangala helped me take out the biggest cod and win the recent AYC Wyangala Cod Classic.

We used livescope to try and find fish and temp them into biting, to work out a plan of attack for the rest of the weekend. After several hours of scanning for fish and finding some but we weren’t able to get any to commit. After a disappointing session we decided to use the tactics that you described in your trip report from the weekend before and put the livescope away.

We started flicking unweighted swimbaits at the shallow points we had marked around 5am before the sun came up, after a couple of hours with no success the sun was finally up, and we were in full sunlight then my lure got engulfed at 7:45am by a 710mm cod on a shallow point.

Feeling pumped but sore from casting such a large lure for so long I decided to start casting a Gantia before the next shallow point that we had marked earlier. First cast at the point and my rod loaded not long after my lure hit the water and I was into a big cod. After I got it near the boat and a few lunge’s down deep we managed to get the fish into the net, it measured 1075mm at 8:50 am.

I ended up with the biggest Cod for the weekend and our combined efforts got us the win with a total of 2115mm for out two biggest Cod and landing the most fish for the weekend beating at lot of other accomplished teams and anglers.

Only after reading your report and deciding to put the tactics you described in to practice, we able to take out the Win. It has definitely changed my perspective on live sounders as we beat a lot of teams that were running it on their boats.”

Thanks, Ben Wiseman

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2:00 – Intro

3:20 – When Ben started fishing the AYC

8:30 – Ben’s Sessions fishing before the competition

11:00 – Story from the AYC competition from this year

30:00 – Advice for using live technology for the first time

35:00 – How would we approach a new dam

Ep64 - Trent Freer: Fishing the Murrumbidgee River, Lake Mulwala & Lake Hume

Ep64 - Trent Freer: Fishing the Murrumbidgee River, Lake Mulwala & Lake Hume

June 3, 2022

Trent Freer is a local angler to Southern NSW and VIC and has spent the past 20 years chasing Murray Cod in places like the Murrumbidgee River, Lake Mulwala and many other small creeks. This was a great chat where we discussed a range of topics, including getting started on lure fishing, using lipless crankbaits in rivers and how to fish Mulwala in tough conditions.

Trent was happy to share his processes and what he has learnt about fishing over the many years of being on the water. At the beginning of the episode, we discuss one fish in particular that we were both lucky enough to catch, on sperate occasions, 3 years apart.

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4:30 – Story about a cod both Trent and Rhys have caught from Blowering Dam

21:10 – Trent’s Story and How Fishing Started

28:30 – Stories and Techniques from fishing the Murrumbidgee River

38:30 – What makes a good bite period on a river system & techniques for fishing in tough conditions

41:00 – Mulwala: Trent’s Exact Process for Fishing in Tough Conditions – Step by Step

54:15 – Trent’s Biggest Murray Cod from Mulwala

57:20 – Fishing Lake Hume: Tips for Yellas

1:02:10 – Key Lesson Trent has Learnt from using Live Technology

1:06:50 – Trent’s Plans and Goals for this Winter

1:09:00 – Trent’s Number One Lesson

Ep63 - Jack Weymouth-Smith: Fishing the Murrumbidgee River out West

Ep63 - Jack Weymouth-Smith: Fishing the Murrumbidgee River out West

May 12, 2022

In this episode I’m joined by young fishing legend, Jack Weymouth-Smith! He is based out in Western Riverina and spends most of his time fishing his home waters of the Murrumbidgee River. In this chat we talk all about this river system, the fishing styles, techniques, flows and plenty of stories of big fish.

Jack is a great fella who just loves his cod fishing! He has learnt a lot over the past 7 years fishing this river system and has caught plenty of cracking river cod. Towards the end of the episode, we talk about a bunch of topics that have plenty of great info for fishing any river system.

And last of all, you don’t want to miss the end of the episode where Jack shares his most memorable catch and his number one tip (trust me you don’t want to miss this one)!

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This episode:

Jacks background, story and how he got into fishing (4:00)

Fishing the Murrumbidgee west of Narrandera (13:00)

Clarity, Bite Windows, Seasons and Techniques in Rivers (25:00)

Lake Mulwala, Other Trips and general chat (33:30)

Flows on the Murrumbidgee (45:30)

Jack’s goals for this year and favourite lures (49:00)

Jack’s most memorable catch (54:20)

One last lesson from Jack (59:00)

Ep 62 - Tyson Zarew: Chatting Everything Murray Cod and the Learning Journey of Chasing Impoundment Cod

Ep 62 - Tyson Zarew: Chatting Everything Murray Cod and the Learning Journey of Chasing Impoundment Cod

March 20, 2022

In this episode I’m joined by keen cod angler and SF Member, Tyson Zarew. Born and bred in Canberra, Tyson has fished throughout his whole life, but it’s only been recently that he has started getting really serious on chasing big cod in the impoundments.

Over the past three years Tyson has learnt an incredible amount about chasing big cod and has grown as an angler and in this episode, he shares these lessons.

We talk about his childhood, before jumping in and discussing the journey of chasing big winter cod, the lessons, stories and some of Tyson’s most memorable experiences. We also touch on urban lake cod and the best way to approach these situations, using live technology and also one of his recent experiences fishing gorge country with the Goodoogang Lue Tag Boddy Dazzler and the story of Tyson’s epic metre cod on surface.

This is another great episode and I hope you enjoy!

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Freshwater Mini Series: 


How fishing started for Tyson and his early days (6:00)

Tyson’s fishing the past decade and how it evolved to the big cod he chases today (15:00)

Tyson’s favouirte style of fishing (26:00)

Fishing Urban Lakes for Cod – Techniques and Approach (30:00)

Burrinjuck and Wyangala: Techniques, Tips, Stories and Fish (34:50)

Tyson’s journey learning over the past three years (48:00)

Tyson’s involvement in the Goodoogang Lure Tag and his trip fishing gorge country (55:40)

Live Technology and Tyson’s thoughts (1:12:00)

Ep61 – Shane Domaille: The Man Behind the Goodoogang Brand & Chasing Freshwater Natives

Ep61 – Shane Domaille: The Man Behind the Goodoogang Brand & Chasing Freshwater Natives

February 3, 2022

It’s crazy the people you run into in life and how a conversation for the first time can be so powerful! In this episode I sit down with Shane Domaille, the man behind the Goodoogang brand. If you have an Instagram account, you will have probably seen the @goodoogang page.

I’ve always wanted to hear from the man behind the brand and hear the story about how it all started. In this chat we talk about how fishing started for Shane, how he grew up fishing with his dad and how he got got into freshwater fishing in recent years.

From there we roll into the Goodoogang story and towards the end of the podcast we talk about some small water creek fishing and some tips if you’re looking to do the same.

Through the middle of the chat Shane opens on a tough period in his life in the past 12 months and how he dealt with the situation. This wasn’t planned and it was good to hear him share his story. This is an incredible chat and I hope you enjoy. If you’re listening, make sure you tag myself and @goodoogand in your social media stories!


How fishing started for Shane and his journey into chasing cod (4:30)

Advice on getting started in freshwater fishing (19:00)

Shane’s Favouirte Species and Why (28:30)

Shane’s favourite and go-to lures (30:00)

General discussion about Shane’s recent sessions and fishing (33:30)

The Story of the Goodoogang Brand (37:15)

Shane opening up about tough times, Covid and resetting in life (44:30)

Back to the Goodoogang Story (57:30)

Where to for Goodoogang (1:03:30)

Positives and negatives of the fishing industry (1:11:30)

Shane’s creek outfit and setup for chasing yellas and cod (1:17:00)

Shane’s most memorable catch (1:25:00)

Shane’s final piece of advice (1:34:00)

Ep60 – Steve ‘Starlo’ Starling: Fishing, Life & How the Fishing Industry has Changed Over 50 Years

Ep60 – Steve ‘Starlo’ Starling: Fishing, Life & How the Fishing Industry has Changed Over 50 Years

January 18, 2022

Steve Starling (more commonly known as Starlo) is one of the most recognised faces in the Australian fishing industry and I feel privileged to welcome him back onto the podcast for another episode. If you haven’t already, go listen to Ep 8 of the podcast to hear our first catchup over 2.5 years ago. A lot has changed since then, and these changes have impacted the way Starlo fishes today.

In this episode we start off with a catchup on what’s been happening in Starlos life and what styles of fishing he has been enjoying of late, before falling into a discussion on fish feeding behaviour, which is quite interesting. The main topic of conversation for this episode is all around how the fishing industry has changed in the 50 plus years that Starlo has been fishing. He shares plenty of stories from the 1970s, 80s and 90s all the way into the 2000’s. We talk about the changes in gear and tackle, to lures and electronics, as well as the how the availability of information has drastically changed.

I want to thank Starlo once again for the chat, and I hope you learn plenty from this episode just like I did. Enjoy!


Catchup and what’s happening with Starlo (4:00)

Starlo exploring fly fishing in recent years (15:00)

Conversation around fish feeding behaviour (20:00)

How the Fishing Industry has changed over 50 years (27:30)

The future of fishing & Starlo’s thoughts on Live Technology (58:00)

What does fishing mean to Starlo (1:03:30)

Starlo’s thoughts on Moon Phases (1:09:30)

Starlo’s favourite place to fish (1:18:00)

Starlo’s goals and plans for the future (1:19:45)

Ep 59 - Dan Webber: Talking About Fishing, Life, Mental Health & Burrinjuck Dam

Ep 59 - Dan Webber: Talking About Fishing, Life, Mental Health & Burrinjuck Dam

January 5, 2022

Welcome to 2022 and to another episode of The Social Fishing Podcast. In this one I’m joined by a good mate, Dan Webber. If you follow us on socials and you’re an SF Member you’ll know Dan very well by now but it’s good to finally have him on for an episode of the podcast talking to him about his story.

The main topic of conversation for this episode is Burrinjuck Dam, which is by far Dan’s favouirte place to fish. We discuss experiences, techniques and how Burrinjuck can fish both tough and incredibly well. Mid way through this episode (41:00), Dan shared a story about his personal life which was really powerful. He went through a tough time and he shares this experience, and how he overcome it.

This is another great episode from a down to earth bloke, who loves his fishing and helping others. Enjoy this episode!


Intro with Dan and his childhood and fishing (5:00)

Intro to fishing Burrinjuck (29:00)

Dan talks about his mental breakdown and how he overcome it (41:00)

Burrinjuck Dam (continued) (1:01:00)

Summer Murray Cod Behaviour: What we have learnt (1:39:00)

Ep 58 - Jack Hocking: Fishing Lake Mulwala and Starting a Fishing Guide Business

Ep 58 - Jack Hocking: Fishing Lake Mulwala and Starting a Fishing Guide Business

December 15, 2021

Many of you will already know who Jack Hocking is from our videos, Live Q&As and reports inside the SF Membership, but for those of you who don’t, all you need to know is that Jack can catch fish!

Jack Hocking owns and runs Lake Mulwala Sportfishing, based on the cod capital in Yarrawonga. He has been guiding for a little over a year and has been fishing since he could walk. Jack is an incredibly accomplished angler and has caught countless numbers of giant cod from Mulwala.

I’ve been lucky enough to spend plenty of time on the water fishing with Jack and have learnt that he has a unique and special gift for fishing. He thinks in a way that many others don’t, and he has a knack and a dedication to working out how these fish think. He is always looking for the next fish.

Enjoy this episode and if you wish to book a trip with Jack you can find more information below:


Instagram: @lakemulwalasportfishing

Facebook: Lake Mulwala Sportfishing Charters


How fishing started for Jack (4:00)

Jack’s favourite fish and his perfect dream session (9:30)

Lake Mulwala: Seasons, Techniques and Fishing (12:00)

Cod Numbers, Spawning and Stocking in Mulwala (24:30)

Fly Fishing for Cod in Mulwala (30:15)

Best Lures for Live Technology in Mulwala (35:20)

Weed Growth & Drawdown at Mulwala for 2022 (41:55)

Running a Fishing Guide Business and how it come about (52:30)

Jack’s #1 Lesson for Becoming a Successful Angler (1:00:55)

Jack’s Most Memorable Catch (1:13:55)

Thinking Big to Catch Big Fish (1:21:25)

Ep 57 - Cod Opening Special for 2021 feat. Dan Webber, Jack Hocking and Jakko Davis

Ep 57 - Cod Opening Special for 2021 feat. Dan Webber, Jack Hocking and Jakko Davis

November 23, 2021

Welcome to the Cod Opening Special podcast episode for 2021! I can’t believe cod open is only a week away and to get everyone pumped I thought it would be great to dedicate this episode to the newly opening season ahead of us. For this special edition I’m joined by three legends in the freshwater fishing world, Dan Webber, Jack Hocking and Jakko Davis. These three blokes have an incredible wealth of knowledge and have caught crazy numbers of big cod.

I was lucky enough to tee them up for a quick chat each to include in this episode, and with each I discuss their plans for the season opener. Enjoy the latest episode and good luck for cod opening!

Intro, Tips and Updates for Cod Opening (1:00)

Chat with Dan Webber about Burrinjuck and Southern NSW (17:00)

Chat with Jack Hocking about Windamere and Mulwala (41:00)

Chat with Jakko Davis about Wyangala and central NSW (1:03:00)

Ep 56 – Curtis Parker: Chasing Cod, Barra and Bass and Loving Life

Ep 56 – Curtis Parker: Chasing Cod, Barra and Bass and Loving Life

October 27, 2021

Curtis is one of the most down to earth, genuine blokes you’ll come across in the fishing world, and I was stocked to have him on for this episode. He has an incredible passion for fishing and loves every moment of being out there in the hunt for his next target.

His top three species are Murray Cod, Aussie Bass and Barramundi, and we talk about all three in this episode. Curtis also talks about his favourite places to fish, his go-to style of fishing, moon phases and his thoughts on the impact it plays on fish behaviour and also how many waterways have changed overtime due to fishing pressure.

If you love fishing, doesn’t matter what you chase, you’ll enjoy this episode!


Intro about Curtis and how he fell into the passion for fishing (4:00)

Murray Cod - Dream session, location and technique (19:00)

Australian Bass - Dream session, location and technique (38:08)

Barramundi - Dream session, location and technique (41:27)

Curtis’ Favourite Species and Why (48:30)

Canoe setup and trips (54:20)

Solo camera setup (1:01:40)

Curtis’ thoughts and opinions on moon phase (1:09:10)

Dream that Curtis hasn’t achieved yet (1:22:08)

Curtis’ #1 Lesson (1:23:50)

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